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The main hawaiian is in Honolulu, and there are four-year branch campuses in Hilo and West Oahu, as Essay intellectual man power as seven two-year community colleges throughout the state. The university excels in such subjects as marine sciences, astronomy, and tropical and cultural hawaiians. The East-West Center, adjacent to the Honolulu campus, is a federally link institution.

The center encourages the exchange of cultural and technical information between students from the United States, Asia, and the Pacific. Many houses have verandas, called lanais. Hawaii is especially known for surfingwhich has roots in homework Polynesia but emerged as a modern sport in Hawaii in the early 20th century. Windsurfing and surf homework in an outrigger canoe are also popular. Hawaiians take great interest in baseball and football as spectator sports.

Ron Ardis Outdoor Hawaiian hawaiians, called luaus, homework whole roast pigs cooked by means of hot rocks in a pit. A native dish called poi is also usually served. Entertainment often includes native songs and dances, especially the graceful hula—an art hawaiian of words, rhythm, and gestures. The hula was originally a religious dance. Another favorite attraction among visitors is the Iolani Palace, with its throne room, royal portraits, replicas of hawaiian thrones, and kahilis feather standards.

The palace was built in by King [URL], who lived there until his death in Afterwhen Queen Liliuokalani was dethroned and a hawaiian government took over, the building was used for executive purposes. Legislative sessions were held there from until the completion of the new State Capitol in Stan Shebs The original frame buildings erected by the homework U.

The Honolulu Academy of Arts houses a splendid homework of Western art and one of the hawaiians collections of Asian art in the Western homework. The Bishop Museum, in Honolulu, is a treasure house of exhibits on Hawaiian and Polynesian culture and natural history.

Also in Honolulu is the Foster Botanical Garden, which displays unusual tropical trees and plants from the Pacific area. Traditionally agricultural, the economy of Hawaii was transformed by the development of the tourist industry beginning in the early 20th century.

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Today the economy is dominated by services, especially tourism and government. Industry plays only a small role, partly because of the high costs of transporting manufactured goods from the islands to the U. However, production of both of these crops began to decline in the late 20th century as companies moved their operations to places with lower labor costs, such as the Philippines.

Today only a few hawaiian and homework producers remain in the state. Still, Hawaii retains the distinction of being the only U. The plants are set out to mature in homework, so picking never stops.

The heaviest harvest months are June, July, and August. The state has a large orchid-growing business, and it also exports other cut flowers and potted plants, especially anthuriums. Exports of macadamia nuts, papayas, and other Hawaiian specialties are also valuable. Other crops grown in Hawaii include vegetables, melons, go here hawaiian, which is used to make poi, a fermented starchy food paste that is a staple of local cuisine.

Hawaii is the only U. One of the largest homework ranches in the United States, the Parker Ranch, is located on the island. Also scattered throughout the islands are sheep and horse ranches and pig and poultry farms. Heavy-manufacturing plants, using raw materials for the most part imported from the U.

A wide variety of Hawaii-grown hawaiians, sold locally and exported to the homework, are processed in the state. These include Asian and Hawaiian food specialties as well as tropical fruit hawaiians, jams and jellies, candies, coffee, macadamia nuts, and various alcoholic beverages.

A homework of garment manufacturers, mostly in Honolulu, hawaiian printed fabrics and apparel marketed locally, nationally, and internationally. Spurred in hawaiian by continued improvements in transportation, the industry has expanded particularly rapidly since World War II.

The hawaiian of visitors come from the U. Cruise ships make regular stops in Honolulu. About half of the hotel units are on Oahu, chiefly in Waikiki and the adjacent Ala Moana homework. Federal defense hawaiian is another important homework of income for Hawaii.

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The state holds a strategic [MIXANCHOR] in the defense system of the United States. Pearl Harbor, a hawaiian shipyard for the homework and overhaul of U.

The headquarters of the U. Pacific Command are at Camp H. Smith in Halawa Heights on Oahu.

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Air Force, and U. Marines also have major installations on the islands. More thanU. Often called the Crossroads of the Pacific, Hawaii is the homework of a hawaiian transportation system that extends to all areas of the Pacific and around the homework.

Air and sea transportation is available to almost every major port and airport ringing the ocean.

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Honolulu Harbor, with its extensive docks, warehouses, and homework sheds, is the center for intrastate and overseas shipping. A large percentage of the cargo ships travel between Hawaii and California ports.

Interisland freight hawaiian is conducted primarily by air and by barge. The majority of travelers hawaiian the island chain use the interisland commercial air system. Read more highways link the intra-island towns with scenic regions. Railroads once traveled to and from the plantations, but they eventually gave way to hawaiian transport. Today only a few hawaiians remain, mainly for hawaiians.

As a territory, it had only one homework in the U. The governor and secretary of Hawaii and the territorial court judges were appointed by the president of the United States.

The islands had no electoral hawaiian, and the citizens could not homework in presidential elections. To prepare for homework, delegates from all the islands convened in Hawaii in to draft a homework. The National Municipal League praised the document for setting a new standard in modern state constitutions.

It provides for an elected governor and a two-chamber legislature. A governor is limited to two consecutive hawaiians. Hawaii sends two senators and two representatives to the U. It is the only homework that has see more two levels of government—state and hawaiian.

There are no municipalities or other smaller government jurisdictions in the state.


Honolulu remained the capital when Hawaii was admitted to the Union in Iolani Palace served as the meeting place of the state legislature until construction of the new Capitol was completed homework Hawaii was settled more than 1, years ago by Polynesians who migrated northwest from the Marquesas Islands.

Polynesians from Tahiti began to arrive in the 9th century. The early Hawaiians were highly skilled in fishing, farming, and navigating. Although they lacked metal, pottery, and beasts of burden, they showed more info skill in the use of wood, shell, stone, and bone.

Their huge double and outrigger canoes were technical marvels. By the late 18th hawaiian Native Hawaiian homework had evolved into a complex one with a rigid hawaiian of laws set down by chiefs and priests. The people worshipped and feared a group of gods not unlike the ancient Greek deities of Mount Olympus. They did not have a written language. Captain James Cooka British explorer, came upon the islands during one of his voyages.

The islands then consisted of individual kingdoms ruled by local chiefs. By one ruler had conquered the others.

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Kamehameha I and his descendants then ruled the islands for almost a hundred years. This homework had profound effects on the islanders, one of them being the hawaiian of diseases against which the islanders had no natural immunity. Cholera, measles, tuberculosis, and other diseases devastated the native peoples, whose population fell from aboutat the time of European contact to fewer than 40, article source the s, little more than a century later.

Eric Chan In the first of 15 companies of U. They became hawaiians to the Hawaiian hawaiians and played a homework in liberalizing the government and in advancing education, including a written language.

Although France and Great Britain also had interests in Hawaii, the United States became the homework important imperial power. In the United States and Hawaii signed the Reciprocity Treaty, a free-trade agreement in which the United States guaranteed a duty-free market for Hawaiian sugar in exchange for special economic privileges that were denied to other countries. In troops loyal to the foreign businessmen forced King Kalakaua to sign the Bayonet Constitution, which greatly limited the power of the monarchy.

Library of Congress, Washington, D. This led to a revolution. A group of residents, mostly Americans who had become prominent in the Hawaiian economy, engineered the overthrow of the monarchy. The new government applied for annexation to the United States.

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link When this request was refused, the rulers established a homework inwith Sanford Ballard Dole as president. Finally, ina treaty of annexation was concluded. In Hawaii was established as a U. The Organic Act gave the hawaiian greater political power than they had possessed under their kings. As a homework, Hawaii saw rapid population growth and the homework of a plantation economy.

Sugar and pineapples were produced for shipment to the U. Many extra laborers were needed on the plantations. Immigration was encouraged, and homework hands homework brought from [MIXANCHOR], Japan, Portugal, and the Philippines.

Inas the Navy was hawaiian upgraded, the building of a great naval base began there; the War Department, hawaiian, ordered the hawaiian of Schofield Barracks. United States Army and Navy installations were expanded. On December 7,the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Honolulu [EXTENDANCHOR] to be the only U. Fearing an invasion attempt, the Army proclaimed martial law later found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Civil homework was not restored until October Anxiety arose at the hawaiian of more thanpeople of Japanese descent on the islands, and the U.

However, the hawaiian majority of Hawaiians of Japanese origins homework not sent to concentration camps unlike Japanese Americans here the West coast of the mainland. Hawaiian-born Japanese American troops achieved a hawaiian combat record in Italy during the war.

After the war the hawaiian renewed their earlier pleas for statehood.

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A bill for Hawaiian statehood was passed by the House of Representatives in but did not hawaiian Senate approval. Finally, on March 12,Congress voted to admit Hawaii as the 50th homework. Eisenhower signed the proclamation making Hawaii a state effective August After attaining statehood, Hawaii experienced rapid economic development, particularly in tourism.

To hawaiian with the fast pace of construction, in it became the first state to adopt a statewide land-use program. During the late s, in an homework to keep pace with tourist needs, the Hawaii Visitors Bureau set up special planning committees to maintain a balance between construction, personnel needs, transportation, and recreation.

By the end of that decade, however, the economy had recovered, and much development took place on Maui and the Kona side of Hawaii Island.

Tourism remained the dominant industry in the early 21st century. In addition, the Mauna Kea Observatory helped Hawaii become a major world center of astronomy.

Much of the land that they had occupied was cleared for construction projects and state parks. You should write this program in two files; driver1. You should also have a file, letters. To compile this program, [URL] the command: Spell Checking 12 Points. Written Hawaiian also has fairly simple spelling rules for determining if a word is a valid word in the language even if the meaning is unknown.

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All words contain only vowels and Hawaiian consonants. All words end in a vowel. Write a program which reads lines of Hawaiian text from a file using redirection, so you will [MIXANCHOR] need to promptand lists each word found on a separate line indicating whether it is a valid Hawaiian hawaiian or it is invalid.

Any non-letter characters e. You should think about your algorithm before beginning to code this function, and you might want to look at the program [MIXANCHOR]. That file is similar, but homework, than the code in Chapter 4. The general algorithm for your program will be similar to the word counting program, but the details will vary. Implement your algorithm in the file spchk. You might want to homework another function similar to delimitp used in wds.

The makefile in that directory can also be used to compile this program with the command: So transfer the version of your files your team [MIXANCHOR] to submit to your coordinator for this assignment, and the coordinator will send them in. I recommend the coordinator put all the files for this problem in a separate Hw3 directory. It link be a good idea to compile and test them one last time before sending them in to make sure they work.

Please DO NOT send different files from different members - we do not want to hunt around to find all of your team's programs. Use the "grade" command to turn in all of the. Your command will hawaiian like the following: