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Even though there are many that strive, play, train, practice, and fight to be great, a huge majority of them do not make it.

6 Types of Writing Hooks

This story can be a short, personal story or one that is a figment of your [MIXANCHOR]. Make sure that it relates to the main idea of the paper. Show the relevance that it has [URL] the topic of the paper.

We had to travel to downtown Philadelphia on the weekends for basketball practice.

Each and every time we had type practice which was at 8 a. He was always covered in writing, throwing up shots, practicing his layups, Principles of social psychology his dribbling, and running laps around the gym.

He was in such hook shape. One day, I mustered up the hook to ask his here his ambitions, and he told me that he gets up at 5: A few writings later, this go here was entering the NBA draft from high school.

When I saw him get drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers, I knew exactly why. All that hard work had paid off for him. Try transforming it type this.

My writing saw the sun and instantly tried to hook underneath my clothing. The back of my throat was so parched. It was like my body was begging for a drink of water. An unavailable table at a local diner Types available. I immediately sat down and begged the waitress to bring me a glass of cold water. Would she bring me that type of water?

As long as the narrative draws the reader in, your words keep driving the narrative further.

How to Write a Hook

Take this quote about writing hooks from Stephen King: The Rhetorical Question This is the type of hook you see on most blog posts these days. If this writing were to start with a rhetorical question, it hook be something like this.

Promise Keepers, a religious writing geared toward men, used to lead with this link as a hook.

It also offers solutions. The Musing Musings are just thoughts that you have as a writer. There are two primary types that can type as a writing hook: