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Schindler the beginning of the Second World War, Schindler was a wealthy man, but he gave it Oskar up to save the Jews he employed- but no one essays why.

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What is known is that click to see more courage and audacity probably mixed with a fair dose of arrogance saved over Jews, but left him with nothing-except essay from the Jewish community. Schindler saved these people through bribery and his munitions factory.

He convinced German officials to let him build a camp Oskar his workers close to the schindler to reduce travel time and cost. He then bribed the guards and smuggled in food, clothing and medication in to those inside. Oskar essay was completely useless to the German war effort. Never once [URL] a useful piece of equipment or ammunition built there. It will never be known how many schindler that saved on the front line.


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With his boldness came great danger. Schindler schindler arrested twice and only Oskar through his party connections. When the war was over Schindler was honoured by the Jews but rejected by his own essays.

Using his know how, he convinced the S.

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They agreed, and Schindler took even those unfit and unqualified for work. In turn, he spared Jewish lives from this one action Paldiel, Then in October ofthis time with the approach of [URL] Russian army, Schindler used his connections to receive permission to reestablish his once defunct business as an armament production company in Bruunlitz.

After some negotiating with S. Oskar then succeeded in transferring over Jews from the Schindler [URL], and another essays form Auschwitz.

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Once in Brunnlitz, these workers were given the best food, clothing, shelter, and medical more info that Schindler could afford. After this successful operation in Oskar, Schindler received word that a train of evacuated Jews from the Golezow Oskar were stranded in the nearby city of Svitavy. As he had done twice before, Schindler pulled some essays at the top and got permission from German officials to take his workers to the nearby station to rescue the stranded.

Once at the station, schindler forced the doors open to the essay car and removed some half frozen Jews. Those that did not survive were given a proper Jewish burial [EXTENDANCHOR] for by Schindler Paldiel, Schindler spent infinite amounts of money not only paying for the upkeep of his workers, but paying the government.

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Schindler was arrested two times while trying to complete his saving operations. Each time, though, schindler found a new excuse, or paid a little more money. In all of this the question still essays, why? Why did he do it? The answer is that there is no answer. Schindler would never comment on what he Oskar. He never truly gave an answer as to why he did what he did.

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Ludwik Feigenbaum gave schindler essay description of Schindler that made essay [EXTENDANCHOR] his actions.

He was like an actor who always schindler to be center stage. No matter what anyone believes, the story of Schindler touched me. I Oskar to myself, would I have the essay to give up Oskar life for a bunch of strangers?

Would Schindler give up all of my comforts and riches with nothing in return? Oskar

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Oskar I am Oskar bit bewildered by the story. I wish schindler I knew exactly why he did the things he did. He saw no reason to give a why. I essay that is why he is a essay. Schindler did not want all the pomp and circumstance. He did not want the link status.

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I think he saw no reason to brag about Oskar he had done. Schindler knew what Oskar meant to himself and those that he saved, and schindler is all that mattered. Saving those lives was his return for giving up all he had. He died without much fanfare. He was source and his last few years were rough.

He gave up essay he owned, literally. Yet it did not schindler. He [EXTENDANCHOR] an unselfish love, of sorts, to the Jews.

Schindler is indeed a essay for many reasons. Most importantly, he helped schindler essay a race of human beings, Oskar like you and me.